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Hi~~ You can call me Mibin, I'm a university student who somehow found herself falling into kpop (specifically super junior, life ruiners t b h). I write occasionally, thus the journal, not very regularly though. Feel free to add me, I'm a bit shy/not on a lot but ^^
My masterlist is below: I've friend locked some of the... not so great fics in my opinion, so feel free to add me (they won't be listed below). Constructive criticism is always appreciated (in a message please!)

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my heart ;_;
Part One.

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my heart ;_;
Title: and when it all falls apart (we should build it back up)
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Yesung
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~12,500
Summary: Kyuhyun remembers everything, whether he wants to or not.
Notes: Once upon a time (more like July) I wrote this before I finished my Kyusung_fest entry (oops), and then got pissed off with it and ignored it until now (double oops). So, without further ado...

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my heart ;_;
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